Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Big Data and Predictive Analytics You are writing a research paper on how companies use Big Data and Predictive Analytics to achieve a competitive advantage. Of course, not all companies use this data the same way. Additionally, mishandling data, as did Equifax and Uber, can lead to serious consequences. That’s why it must be done correctly. Your team will take an industry, find the top three or four firms in that industry, and talk about how they use Big Data and Predictive analytics within their firm and across the industry. The topics must include, but should not be limited to, the following. 1. Cover Page 2. Introduction 3. Industry overview a. Main players in the industry b. How is the industry doing? i. Industry life cycle ii. Dying or rising? c. How are data used industry wide? d. Where is the industry going? e. How do they develop the industry? f. Will the industry continue as it has in the past? 4. Individual Companies a. Brief (one or two paragraph) history of the company? b. What data do they gather? c. Why are those data important to them? d. How do they gather the data? e. What results do they see? f. How do they use the data to achieve a competitive advantage? g. Have there ever been any data breaches? h. Do they use outside consultants? i. When it comes to gathering data, how are they the same as other firms? How are they different? 5. Conclusion 6. References

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