Biceps brachaii

Biceps brachaii  You will write a report profiling a particular skeletal muscle in the human. Your report will provide information about the muscle and associated features and factors related to its function. The length of the report will be no less than 4 pages and no more than 6 pages of text double spaced and in 12 point font. Sources must be cited and listed in a reference page (APA format) which does not count toward page totals. Pictures or diagrams can be part of your report but only up to two 2 pages (locate only between the text section and reference page). If you use pictures then you must reference them in the text this way: (see Figure1). They will not count toward or against the written page numbers. Too few or too many pages, as noted above, will result in a loss of 10 points for each page. The format will be very precise so please follow these directions. Specific content for your report must include these headings: I. Features: Describe anatomical features such as general location and narrow down to origin and insertion as well as provide additional specific information about bony landmarks if they are nearby, unusually developed, or prominent. II. Arthrology: Information about type of joint(s) the muscle crosses. Provide a description and examples of planes and axes used to analyze movement(s) generated at that joint by the muscle. III. Myology: Describe the qualities of the muscle fiber arrangement and tendon attachments. Discuss synergist(s) and antagonist(s) muscles and their attachment sites. Describe when synergists and antagonists contract compared to your assigned muscle. IV. Analysis of Daily Use: Describe how the muscle is used in activities of daily life to include use in both concentric and eccentric actions. Focus on the execution phase unless the muscle’s primary action is during the preparation phase. V. Analysis of Sport Use: Describe how the muscle is used in sport in both concentric and eccentric actions. Focus on the execution phase unless the muscle’s primary action is during the preparation phase. VI. Analysis of Strengthening: Describe specific exercises that strengthen the muscle during concentric action and exercise examples during eccentric action. Make sure to not just list exercises. Describe how the body is positioned to move the weight so to engage the specific muscle. VII. Analysis of Injury: Describe at least one scenario of injury to the muscle during daily use or sport. Be sure to provide a clear description of the body and joint positions as well as the source of forces that lead to the injury. Describe one example of the type of modifications of movement a person must make in order to compensate and complete tasks as normally as possible when the muscle function is temporarily or permanently lost due to injury. Information you gather for this report will come from many sources. A minimum of one of those sources must come from a published research article. The best way to gather information from a research article is to read it and then summarize it in your own words. That way you can use ideas developed by the authors in your paper and give the authors credit for it. The best way to write a research summary is to organize it so that it gives you key information as well as the reference information (in APA format). The research summary should be placed at the very end of the report. Use the instructions and model on Blackboard to ensure success

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