As a waitlisted student, I want to thank you for giving me a second consideratio

As a waitlisted student, I want to thank you for giving me a second consideration. Although the space to enter Class 2026 is limited at this time, I am writing you this letter to provide further confidence in my application.My English language skill was nearly zero when transferring to an international high school. Still, I challenged myself by taking A-Level courses in freshman year and 6 AP courses in sophomore and junior years. Even though the pandemic took away my chances in the AP tests, I have proved myself in succeeding pre-evaluation exams for the courses.In addition to my heavy course load in senior year, I’ve been following the mindful contagion program. I surveyed social interaction and analyzed the results through learning and using Qualtrics and R studio. With my updated skills in staying mindful, I will be able to quickly adapt to the challenging academic environment on the Big Blue campus.Plus, with the determination to study psychology and education, I plan to continue SEEDIn Venture. I have joined this social innovation program a year ago to help more underprivileged kids get to know and deal with mental illness. This experience brought me to the attention on uneven distribution of educational resources, with little caring for children’s mental health. Therefore, my teammates and I will keep publishing journals explaining the common psychological phenomenon and sharing with readers proper guidance to address mental illnesses. I will also volunteer to be a teacher in my hometown Pingxiang after graduating from high school.Last but not least, I have found my commitment to the University of Michigan. Observing the continuous (sometimes prolonged) interruptions in campuses throughout China is insulting my pride as Gen-Z global citizen. TEPA, FULLNAME HERE at SOE, would not only prepares me for a professional level of elementary teaching, but also allows me to research my own interest in Education Policy Reform in the wake of the epidemics.

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