Aristotle’s theory of ethics

Aristotle’s theory of ethics Imagine that Aristotle had a chance to see the great advances in technology that have brought about genetic enhancement. CrispR and other gene manipulation that can not only weed out health issues but that can make us smarter, better looking, more athletic and things that many strive to achieve. Imagine that he happens upon the discussion between Julian Savulescu and Michael Sandel who are for and against genetic enhancement respectively. After reading Aristotle’s theory on habituating the virtues, striking a mean and what it means to live well as a human being, make the case for which argument, from the two philosophers above, would most closely align with his. Here are the specifics of your task based on what you know about Aristotle’s theory of ethics; Make a claim for Aristotle based on his theory of virtue ethics. Provide reasons he would agree with either of the two philosophers. You may use the text as back up but please avoid long block quotes. I would much rather hear what he has to say in your own words. State why he would oppose the other philosopher. There is no length requirement. However, you must make sure that we understand why Aristotle would agree or disagree with enhancement and a detailed explanation for why that would be the case. This does not have to be long but it must make it clear to the reader. Please do not discuss the issue of health. We are not discussing that here. We are only interested in the idea of parents being able to pick and choose qualities that will make their children, smarter, better looking, more athletic, etc. All qualities that go beyond being well. We are discussing being better than well. If your paper is all about health, you will receive a zero. Michael Sandel : Julian Savulescu :

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