Applying for physical education courses in the UK Name: Aziz Career: Physical ed

Applying for physical education courses in the UKName: AzizCareer: Physical education teacher (Bachlor)Certificate: Bachelor Degree in Physical education Experience: 12 Years gymnastic,  an owner of a gymnastic club for adults and childrenHobbies: Coaching, Teaching—————————————————Advice on personal statementsThe personal statement is crucial for the admissions tutors to make a decision on yourapplication.  It is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself and your suitability forthe course. You should demonstrate your enthusiasm for the course and the skills youhave gained from activities outside the classroom. We suggest you include thefollowing:Your reasons for choosing the courseThe aspects of your chosen course that interest you mostAny work experience, placement or voluntary work you have undertaken,particularly if it is relevant to your subject.  Include the skills and abilities youhave gained from these activitiesHow your choice of course fits in with your future career plansWhy you would like to study in the UKDetails of any non-examination activities you have undertaken in preparationfor higher educationYour social, sports and leisure interestsIf you have taken, or are planning to take, a year out – please give yourreasons whyIf you are not currently in full-time education, please give details of yourcurrent or previous employmentPlease write a good personal statement:   (One Page. The textshould be size 12)1- It should say why do you want to do this particular courseand why did you choose this university, how it will help youfor your career and nation.I want to gain all the necessary updated knowledge and skills that help me to communicate 2- Speak about your previous studies and work experiences.(What degree did you study- Where did you work – what didyou do and for how long)3- Write about the reasons that made you want to study in theUK .4- Say something about yourself, what do you like to do inlife, what are your Hobbies and Interests.You can leave blank on university name if you are going to mention it.

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