An investigation of renewable energy development in Cumbria.

An investigation of renewable energy development in Cumbria. DescriptionTopic : An investigation of renewable energy development in Cumbria.You have been invited to contribute to a new book entitled ‘ sustainability in Action – Case Studies from the real world experience of your visit in Cumbria with renewable energy in focus‘, which will analyse the challenges and successes of sustainability principles that apply to ‘An investigation of renewable energy development in Cumbria. You are expected to write a Book Chapter illustrating sustainability principles of ‘ an investigation of renewable energy development in Cumbria. Your chapter should assess the extent to which your case study represents and contributes to sustainable development at different spatial scales. In developing your argument your chapter should address the following points; 1. how are sustainability and sustainable development defined, conceptualised and measured , including reference to the ecosystem service concept. **please this is one of the major focus of the work** 2. what international , national and local policies that support sustainable development are relevant to your case and do these effectively facilitate sustainabilty 3. what are the environment, social and economic goals and outcomes relevant to your case study and what , if any , are the potential conflicts between these goals? 4. what are the potential beneficial or adverse impacts associated with current or planned developments and how well are these managed 5. what is the relative contribution of your case study activities to National / regional / local sustainabilty. Note : you are expected to produce a book chapter on this topic supported with illustrative materials including photographs, diagrams, data and tables to convey your message where appropriate. Assessed intended learning outcomes ; a. Critically discuss perspectives of the concept of a sustainable development & demonstrate a systematic understanding of the economic, social & political factors restricting its translation into practice ( ILO 1) b. Demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical awareness of the environmental assessment process, their relative strengths & weakness & the critical parameters that contribute to successful environmental assessment (ILO2 ) . please the first assignment i did, the writer did not follow the instructions properly, i would like the writer to address the instruction above properly most especially 1, 2 and 3. Also work from the first assignment can be used as guide but have to be paraphrased to avoid plagiarism. Only if you wish to use it . 

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