Algorithm (Scoring System) for sector stocks

Algorithm (Scoring System) for sector stocks Each group is responsible for turning in a PowerPoint presentation by the due date. The slides include: 1. Sector Outlook 2. Algorithm (Scoring System) for sector stocks a. Groups must turn in Excel file to supplement PowerPoint report 3. Hold/Sell Recommendations for existing positions 4. Buy Recommendations for stocks outside portfolio I am one just one person a 5 person group, we all have our own stocks. My stock is Citigroup (C) so I would need those 4 things completed in the 3 slides. Please support with qualitative and quantitate data. I am going to provide an example presentation, in it you will see how everyone has their own stock like one person in that group had Wegmans Boot Alliance, they decided to hold it and provided facts with it. I would need the same exact things pretty much but with Citigroup (C). If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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