Advanced English language Emersion

Advanced English language Emersion  Institution Page Martins Williams Assignment Content Writing Lesson Plan Critique.Grading Form.docx Access a secondary grade level writing lesson plan. This can be a lesson that a team member already has or one from the internet. Evaluate the lesson and look for evidence of writing strategies and differentiated learning for EL students. Write a 260- to 350-word critique on the lesson plan and address the following: · A description of the evidence that the team did—or did not—find within the lesson that reflects the three UDL guidelines and differentiated learning strategies · Any modifications the team would include in the lesson to make it more comprehensible for EL students and the team’s rationale for these modifications · Any instructional strategies the team would use to adapt the content and/or the materials (including technology) for students at different English language proficiency levels · Any online writing tools that foster communication and learning locally and globally Include the lesson plan at the end of the critique, before the reference list. CITE the source of the lesson plan. Keep in mind that URLs are not to be included in citations. Refer to the Reference and Citation Generator at the Center for Writing Excellence for guidance. Include the source of the lesson plan in the reference list. The use of first person is not appropriate for this assignment. Format the paper as per APA style. Include a title page, page numbers, in-text citations for each source used, and a reference list. Keep in mind that any source cited within the body of the paper must be included in the reference list—and any item in the reference list must be cited within the body of the paper.

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