A unique story inspired by the myth of ghost of Blue Bell Hill

A unique story inspired by the myth of ghost of Blue Bell Hill Writer to write a very strong piece of creative writing which is inspired by he myth of the ghost of Blue Bell Hill; it should follow the same story line as the myth of the ghost of blue bell hill but should be written with a unique twist and style that is not identical to the myth but only inspired by it. The myth talks about a person who is driving down a road in Kent, England and sees a figure on the road and crashes into it but when they leave the car, there is nobody and nothing to be seen and the car has not been damaged. Please include strong descriptions of setting, development of events, speed of the car, surroundings, eerie atmosphere, the crash, feelings after the crash, etc. a plethora of linguistic devices should be used and an element of horror and hysteria should be present. (in terms of style, the essay should just be written in simple paragraphs, no referencing/ citations/ bibliography should be included as it is a creative piece of writing)

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