A Man Made Natural Disaster

A Man Made Natural Disaster A Man Made Natural Disaster Select a man-made or natural disaster NOT already discussed in this course. Place the event you select in its historical context. Applying the lessons presented in this course, prepare a detailed analysis of the event, the response and recovery actions, and the process in which current disaster management processes would address a similar event. Demonstrate the ability to move beyond evaluation and into the realm of creation by preparing a plan to address the impact of a similar event in your community. Your plan should include a Target Capabilities List and gap analysis, among other documents. This should be approached academically, so use the extensive resources of the ASU Library and the Homeland Security Digital Library. Incorporate numerous journal articles, historical and current, in writing your paper. Use at least six relevant sources, with corresponding citations in the body of your paper. If you are not sure of how to use citations, please go online and find some relevant examples in whichever format you are

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