1,000-1,300 words In Module 6, you learned about gentrification as a particular

1,000-1,300 wordsIn Module 6, you learned about gentrification as a particular kind of neighborhood change associated with changing class composition, spatial transformation, and displacement of poor and working class residents. This urban phenomenon has been observed in U.S. and European cities since the 1960s. In this memo assignment, we are going to focus our attention locally and examine how gentrification has impacted different neighborhoods in the South Florida urban region.Your task in this memo is to learn and write about a recent case of gentrification in South Florida. In doing so, you will apply ideas from the course to provide an original analysis of what you see as the main causes and social consequences of neighborhood change in the case you have chosen.The case of gentrification that you analyze in this memo is up to you. Below I have provided a list of links to news articles, videos, and other resources about a few local cases to get you started. You can choose one of these cases, or study any other case that you can find enough information about to complete the assignment. Even if you choose one of the cases I’ve provided resources for, I encourage you to research and read beyond these resources. They are merely intended to serve as a starting point. The more you know about the case, the richer your description and analysis will be.The process and requirements for the memo are outlined in the steps below.Steps in the Memo-writing Process:Step 1: Choose a case study of gentrification that you would like to analyze. Read news articles, watch videos, and find other resources until you have clear sense of a) What the neighborhood was like prior to gentrification; b) When it started to be gentrified; c) How the neighborhood has changed (or is changing) as a result of gentrification; and d) the major driving factors that caused this process to unfold. Make sure to take careful notes as you go, so you can organize the information effectively and provide citations for any specific information you cite in the memo. [Note: You should read all of the assignment requirements at this stage, to make sure you find enough information to complete the memo].Step 2: Your memo must introduce, explain, and apply at least one idea, concept, or theory of urban change from the readings or lectures in Modules 5 or 6. So, once you have gathered all of the material that you need about the case, review the core concepts and theories that we covered in the last two modules. Think about how these ideas might be relevant to the case you have read about.Step 3: Draft your memo, which should have the following components:a) an original title that hints at what you will present in the memo;b) One introductory paragraph that states the case you have chosen to analyze, and establishes a thesis statement (i.e. your overall argument about the main causes and consequences of gentrification in this case);c) One background paragraph that provides more information about the case you have chosen. Make sure to explain to the reader how the neighborhood was before gentrification, when it became gentrified, and how it has been changed spatially and/or socially since gentrification began.[Note: The concept, idea, or theory that you use from the readings or lectures should be introduced and applied in either section d or section e of the memo]d) One to two paragraphs in which you explain why gentrification occurred in this case. Was it driven by changing consumer preferences? The arrival of a new social groups? The work of local real estate developers? City government agencies? Other factors? You must provide and cite specific evidence from the sources you used to learn about this case.e) One to two paragraphs in which you analyze the social consequences of gentrification. How did it affect the original inhabitants? Who has benefited and who has lost from the changes that the neighborhood experienced? Did gentrification give rise to local conflicts? What other ways did neighborhood change affect local culture, businesses, or social relations? In this section, you should also provide (and cite) specific evidence from the sources you used to learn about the case.f) A brief concluding paragraph that tells the reader what the main takeaway of your analysis is. What have we learned from your paper about the causes and consequences of gentrification in South Florida?g) A Reference page that includes full citations for any article(s), lecture(s), or video(s) that you used in your memo. Make sure to use Chicago Style (Links to an external site.)for both internal citations and final references (Note: the reference page does not count toward the overall word limit).Step 4: Proofread carefully before submission! You should check for three things: a) typos, incorrect punctuation, missing words, spelling and grammatical errors; b) correct reference format; and c) overall coherence of the memo – Do I have a clear argument? Does my writing make sense? Does the body of the memo match what I said I would show in the introduction?Formatting Requirements (Follow carefully to avoid losing points):1) Upload your final memo as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF file ONLY.2) Include a header with your Name and Z number.3) Word count: 1,000-1,300. This does not include header, title, or references.4) Double-spaced5) Times New Roman, Size 12 FontResources on Four Cases of Gentrification in South FloridaWynwood, Miami:Documentary: “Right to Wynwood”, dir. Natalie Edgar, Prod. Camila Álvarez. https://vimeo.com/110682099 (Links to an external site.)https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/midtown/article185212378.html (Links to an external site.)Overtown, Miami:Tony Roshan Samara and Grace Chang. 2008. “Gentrifying Downtown Miami.” Race, Poverty & the Environment 15(1): 14-16. https://www-jstor-org.ezproxy.fau.edu/stable/41554577Links to an external site.Allapattah, Miami:https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/will-allapattah-stave-off-gentrification-13087317 (Links to an external site.)Little Haiti, Miami:https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/vbj8wa/gentrification-is-pushing-haitians-out-of-miamis-little-haiti-neighborhood (Links to an external site.)https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/real-estate-news/article232134932.html (Links to an external site.)https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/climate-gentrification-the-next-threat-south-florida-faces-advocates/1935958/ (Links to an external site.)

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